You might be asking yourself where did the name SiteManip come from and what does it mean? Well, let me explain.
The name is literally short for “site manipulation”. I call it website manipulation because what I do is… not pretend to always build websites from the ground up or sell me as an expert coder.
No, my friend, I use the same state of the art scripts that so many other website owners are using today.
I simply take the scripts that the expert coders create and manipulate them to look and perform in the way that our clients expect, need and desire.
Hey, I’m sure you have heard of WordPress… Right?
Now here’s another question for you. Have you been searching for a solution for your online appearance or presence?
Have you been attempting to go it alone by using one of those sites that will allow you to build your website free of charge and you just haven’t gotten the results that you envisioned?
Or have you searched and found that the prices for someone or some establishment to build your website was outrageously too expensive?
Well… I believe that you have stumbled upon the right company to meet your needs and then some!
At I specialize in manipulating and using the WordPress CMS platform and plugins to set up my clients websites.
FYI WordPress is used by 30% of all websites on the Internet and that percentage is growing year by year.
WordPress CMS gives me the tools needed to design spectacular websites for my clients business or personal websites.
With  SiteManip and WordPress, clients can always expect a clean and aesthetically professional web appearance.
Please visit our Prices and Services page and take a look at a few of the websites that I am pleased to have been a part of creating beautiful and user-friendly website domains.