Hello, friend please stick around for a while because I want to talk to you about the beautiful art of manipulating WordPress CMS and WP Plugins. I really believe you will enjoy this.

But before I go deep into it I want you to consider this… and it is that…

We are being manipulated every day and the truth is that people don’t really like to know that they have been manipulated. 

There is another part of that truth and it is every day we are being manipulated by something or someone that’s just life

To some people, the word manipulation is a curse word. 

Yep, it’s like one the profanity words that people use…but with more letters in it. 

What does it mean to manipulate

Here’s what I consider to be a nice definition. 

To handle or control (a tool, mechanism, etc.), typically in a skillful manner.
“he manipulated the dials of the set”

Here’s the ugly definition of Manipulating.

It’s to control or influence (a person or situation) cleverly, unfairly, or unscrupulously.

This is the part that’s happening in society today. “the masses were deceived and manipulated by a tiny group”

Here are some synonyms of manipulation: exploit, control, influence, use/turn to one’s advantage, maneuver, engineer, steer, direct, guide, twist around one’s little finger, work, orchestrate, choreograph

“The government tried to manipulate the situation.” We hear this in the news daily as well.

Okay, so much for that part. The thing that I want to talk about is…

The Fine Art of Manipulating WordPress CMS

When WordPress came to the internet I really had no Idea that it would be as popular as it is today.

I’m also the first to admit that I’m probably the only person on the planet that didn’t see it coming as well.

Nevertheless, here we are… Did you know that 30 percent of all websites on the internet are built with the WordPress CMS?

When you add it up that comes to a lot of smart website owners in cyberspace.

If you think WordPress is only being used by marketing agencies with smaller websites…think again.

WordPress is being used by the folks at Apple, Forbes, CNN, and get this… even our favorite search engine Google use WordPress as their Content Management System.

So I see it this way if all of the big names that I mentioned above consider WordPress to be efficient enough for them. Well, you get the point I’m sure.

Nope WordPress is not just for bloggers anymore…

We can manipulate the WP to build out just about any type of website we can think of.

Where Should WP Beginners Start

I could easily say that beginners should start at the beginning… And that would be true.

But to be more precise I have a free video tutorial resource that you are welcome to take part in.

The video tutorials will give you step by step instructions with all of the basics to get you moving in the right direction.

You can gain free access to the WP training here.

WordPress has come a long way since I started using it to build out websites for myself and my clients.

And the thing that I love so much about the WP CMS is that it keeps getting better.

It to me is the most reliable Content Management System available.

Unlike a lot of the other platforms, WP has tons of free themes and plugins that we can use to further manipulate and build your websites.

Most other platforms only give you the basic tools and charge you for everything else that makes your website user-friendly and compelling.

So, if you are just starting out with this website building thing… I highly recommend that you give the WordPress platform a try.

And as I mentioned earlier you can get my free training videos for manipulating the WP CMS here.

What Are We Going To Do With Those Blocks?

The Gutenberg Block Editor is the new thing with WordPress these days, but I still prefer the Classic Editor.

If you don’t know the difference between the two you will soon discover what I’m talking about… That’s of course if you take me up on the free WordPress training.

The new WordPress editor really changes the game because of the blocks and other remarkable enhancements for the publication process.

You see before the Gutenberg Block Editor addition if you wanted to work with blocks you had to add plugins and compatible themes.

That has all changed now though. But of course there is a learning curve to get through and there are still some bugs to work out of the editor.

But for the most part… I believe once we get used to it… the Block Editor by Gutenberg will be a no brainer when it comes to building out websites with WordPress.

Yep, blocks make things so much simpler when you learn how to manipulate them.

I must admit that I haven’t fully acquainted myself with the new editor yet… But you better believe that I will.

As a matter of fact, if you are about to dip your toe into the waters of the WordPress CMS… It might be wise for you to start with the new editor right out of the gate.

I also have a training platform for this also. Although I have to be upfront with you and let you know it’s not free. 

It is, however, a modestly priced product that’s really affordable. You can take a look for yourself here.

Hey, if you are new or old to WordPress you won’t find a better resource for.the high quality and the low price that it’s going for now.

So hurry a grab a copy of the WP 5.0 training before the price goes up to $47 or even higher.