When Your Backs Against The Wall…

You might be asking yourself, what does “when your backs against the wall” have to do with where SitManip got started?
And that would be a valid question, and since you are asking… let me first say, I’m glad you asked.
Although I could give you a short answer and say something like it came to me early one morning while doing such and such…
Guess what? Even though that would be partially true… there’s still a little more to it. And I have discovered that people love stories and every successful business seems to have a story.
So, what’s mine or what’s the story behind SiteManip Spectacular Website Designs?
Well, it’s like this… About fourscore and… Just kidding, the wrong story.
But seriously, when your backs against the wall you have to dare to be different and step out of your comfort zone.
Yeah, I imagine this sounds a little cliche’ but the truth is the truth.

The Conception and Birth

You see the idea for the SiteManip Website Design Agency did come into fruition when my back was against the wall.

Before I tell about my back being against the wall, let me give you a brief snapshot of how I got started with online ventures.

Well, you see It started in the year 2005 I was really experiencing some big changes in my life in those days.

These changes where mentally, physically, financially and most of all spiritually.

Let me take them one at a time.

I was facing mental challenges because I was beginning to look at life from a different perspective.

And to be quite honest with you… As I look back I know it was only by the grace of God that I didn’t lose my mind.

The physical changes were due to my beginning to work out and take better care of my body.

I seemed to wake up sore every morning with that one though. And I really need to start the workout routine again.

When it comes to the spiritual I found myself in a place that I was somewhat familiar with… Yet on a deeper level.

This is why I have chosen to always mention how grateful that I am to God for his saving grace.

You can read more about that part of my testimony at SpeakLifeToday.com

Now here’s the part that leads to where I am today and the conception and birth of SiteManip.


The Gold Rush Mentality

During the time of the big California Gold Rush (1848-1855). That’s when gold was said to have been found by a fella by the name of James W.Marshall.

The news about the Big California Gold Rush is also said to have brought approximately 300,000 folks from all over the United States and abroad.

That’s much like the internet is today…it has a similarity to the Big Gold Rush that’s astounding.

Today there are almost 2 billion websites on the internet and that number continues to climb.

And also like the Gold Rush, not every prospector found gold, just as every website is not going to be successful.

I know this part from experience.

And trust me the internet is nothing like the movie “Feild of Dreams”. You know the one with the line that says… “if they build it they will come.”

Don’t believe the hype friend.


Now for the Rest of the Story


When I started playing around on the internet looking for a way to make some extra money… I got scammed right out of the gate.

I have learned a lot since 2005 and in 2015 is when my back was against the wall… I had no income.

I wasn’t making any money from the many Internet ventures that I was trying and that’s when it hit me.

All of the stuff that I had learned over the years could be brought together for my own product.

And the Gold Rush thing hit me even harder.

I had read somewhere that the people that were getting rich from the Big Gold Rush were not the gold prospectors… But the ones that were selling the prospecting tools.

Hence “SiteManip.com.”

You see after realizing that to be successful online you must have a product of your own.

That’s not all though…

You have to also have a place where people can find your product as well.

So, back in the day before WordPress became so popular, I started to learn some basic coding skills so I could build my own websites.

Even today I still have the tools to build a website from scratch… But why bother with all of that when we have WordPress CMS?

So what I set out to do is learn how to properly manipulate the WordPress CMS Platform and become someone that can sell the tools to the prospectors so to speak

So I hope this short story kinda satisfies your fancy as to how SiteManip came about.

The one word that I can sum it up with is “necessity”. That a good word because I also heard someone say that…

“Necessity is the Mother of all Inventions”.

Hey if your necessity is to have a new or renovated  Spectacular Website Design please use the form below an let’s get started.

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